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    NationalChip Inside: HUAWEI Glory Pro-chosen × DDPAI, New In-vehicle AI Products Are Released

    Release time:2020-11-05

    On October 21st, Huawei Honor Pro-choice and DDPAI launched a new product -- Smart Voice Car Bracket. This new product is a blockbuster new car product jointly created by Honor Pro-choice and DingDingPai. It is the first landing of Huawei HiLink in the automotive field. Adopting the NationalChip GX8008 intelligent AI voice chip, people can control navigation, make phone calls, listen to music, and use other functions only through the voice. It liberates the hands in the true sense and improves the safety and convenience of driving.


    Under the tide of mobile Internet, it has become the norm for most people to bring their phones everywhere and stay online all the time. While checking the phone during driving cannot guarantee safety, voice control has become the best solution to replace manual operation.


    The DDPAI smart voice support is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, and transmits the signal to the mobile phone to complete the interaction. It can wake up the YOYO/Xiaoyi voice assistant and complete the interactions such as music playback, route navigation, weather query, and chat dialogue. The operation is convenient and fast, and the user can have a convenient and fun time in the car.


    DDPAI smart voice car holder uses the NationalChip GX8008 smart AI voice chip. The GX8008 chip is a multi-microphone AI voice processing chip specially designed for various IoT scenarios. It supports up to four microphone inputs, integrates high-performance DSP and NPU, and can achieve various signal enhancements such as voice noise reduction, echo cancellation, beamforming, and de-reverberation. The algorithm also supports local neural network operations, which can perfectly realize various high-frequency operations such as voice wake-up, local voice recognition, and call noise reduction in vehicle scenarios.

    Over the years, DDPAI has been committed to solving travel safety and efficiency issues, and has inherent advantages in the automotive field. Nationalchip also has many years of accumulation in the field of AI chip technology. Therefore, this cooperation can be described as a strong alliance. In the future, we look forward to the NationalChip’s AI chips that can help more partners to work hard in different fields and shape a better life with chips!